Building regs for ceiling slabs?



I am a FTB of a new house. I completed my snag list this morning and was pretty appalled at the lack of quality of workmanship in just about all areas of the house.

But my question is does anyone know if the ceiling slabs on the upstairs floor are required to be foil backed for fire control reasons? (I.e., pull back the insulation in the attic and the plasterboard of the ceiling underneath should have a foil surface?)

Thanks for all help!


AFAIK the foil backing is more to improve insulation than to provide fire proofing. Their are special slabs for fire proofing, or in some cases, double slabbing is used to provide protection. In any case, fire proofing the attic is not normally an issue, I don't think.
PS Building regs are available online if you need to check anything.