Building Defects & Management Agent Communication

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    Good morning,

    In June we received a letter from the Management Agent to tell us during routine maintenance some 'building defects' were found, affecting all apartments. No further information has been provided other than they are getting quotes from contractors and that a levy may need to be applied.

    I've asked numerous times for further information but told absolutely nothing. I've looked at the MUD act but it doesn't say anything about providing information/obligations of communication on the management agent/company.

    I'm very annoyed at this stage and don't even know the severity of the issue. I've spoken to other residents who are equally annoyed.

    Is there anyway I can compel them to disclose what is going on?

    Many thanks
  2. SimpleWorried

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    Hi Samsonite
    You are the Management Company, therefore the management agent has no right to withhold this information from you. I would contact the management company's directors directly and ask them to get the Management Agent to supply full information.

    It is my understanding that a Management Company cannot impose a levy, they can only increase the service charge to cover the repairs. Any service charge increase would need to be voted on at an AGM or EGM.

    Our estate is going through a similar issue with building defects but every member was emailed the full report from the engineer detailing the damage.