Bridging finance


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My house is an easy to sell 3 bed semi-d. I would make about 150k profit from the sale which I need to buy a new house. There is a house I am very interested in at the moment and would like to bid on, but am afraid that my house won’t be sold in time to yield that 150k needed for new house. Is there such a thing as bridging finance anymore? The loan would only be needed for maximum of about 3-5 months if at all. My father in law saws he would go as guarantor on the loan if needed. Is it possible to get a secured loan like this just until we sell the house?


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- easy to sell
- FIL as guarantor

Where have we heard that before. Not advisable for you. Nor FIL. Sell your house and then buy without all the hassle and stress of trying to get BF with a guarantor.

Brendan Burgess

Hi Olivander

You and your father in law should be well aware of the risks involved in this transaction. You buy the new house and your "easy to sell" house doesn't sell because the market starts falling. You are left with two houses and a very expensive bridging loan.

If you are both prepared to take that risk that is fine.

But you should put your house on the market immediately. If it's easy to sell, then you can put in an early closing date. If you have a signed contract returned to you, then you can sign the contract for purchase.

If the closing date on your sale is after the closing date on the purchase, maybe your FIL could borrow the money himself and lend it to you.

Could your FIL buy your house from you? It's messy but it's a solution.

But it's very risky buying another house without having exchanged contracts on the sale of your own.