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    Apologises if this has been discussed previously but we have unsure how to proceed.

    We are on a variable rate with BOI @ 3.90%. It's a small mortgage and we were unsure whether we were selling our house to move elsewhere so we stayed on the high variable rate.

    We have the option of moving to a 1 year fixed rate of 3.00% with BOI. We would save just under €400 next year by fixing. However, should we see a house to purchase and thus need to sell our own house, we are concerned that we would need to pay the breakage fee to BOI as a result.

    My question is, what would the break fee be or would I need to contact BOI and ask them to explain and calculate such a break fee.

    I know the amount/saving is small by fixing for 1 year, but I rather have an extra €400 in my pocket than paying the bank you know. Thank you!
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