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Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Purple, 7 Nov 2018.

  1. Purple

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    I know it's not a major issue but it annoys me that so many places size their coffee in fluid ounces. What's wrong with good old fashioned milliliters?
    Are they trying to copy Starbucks? I know some brands try to be aspirational (or pretentious to use the correct term), Nespresso springs to mind (when they sell their pods in Tesco I'll buy their machine), but what's with the "Tall" "Grande" "Demi" "Trenta" and all that nonsense? What's wrong with Small, Medium and Large? or even Small, Normal, Fat, Glutton and Morbidly Obese?

    I went into a bathroom showroom many years ago and asked when they have their sale. I was told that "The House of Villory and Bauch don't do sales". I replied that they were selling toilets, not Fabergé eggs and I would be pooing in it with my trousers around my ankles, not putting it on the mantelpiece. I bet they did sales after the Crash!

    Cars are the worst for this sort of nonsense. The new advert for the Mercedes A Class is by far the most cringe-worthy I have ever heard. If a transition year student came up with it as a project they'd get a F. Their usual "you always wanted to feel better than your neighbours, not is that time" ads (now go and buy that entry level car with an underpowered engine you can just about afford so you can give them the fingers) are bad enough but the new one is so bad I feel embarrassed for the guy who does the voiceover every time I hear it.

    Rant over. I feel better now.
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    we have a housing crisis...these are all first world problems!:eek::D
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    Our housing crisis is a first world problem, these are just irksome.
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    You're really missing your Jag fella!!
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    I don't think it really matter if the new Mercedes A class is underpowered sure it is only going to be used by ma driving da to the luas tram to spend his money in town so it wont get wasted by the people coming after him :D
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    @Purple, totally laughed out loud at your Villeroy & Boch quip. So true.


    I presume the fluid ounces thing harks back to American origins, where they are still stuck in the 17th century on some things. (Except for their president who some believe is stuck in the Late Cretaceous ;) ).
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    Coffee is so much about image and what it portrays you as hence the armies of people walking round the streets with branded cups in their hand. The titles for the the different sizes play off that
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    My favourite of the genre was a BMW ad from a few years back

    ....they all went off to Australia but you stayed and worked late (picture the Bull McCabe "WE STAYED, WE STAYED"), now you're gonna show 'em who's the champ. (cringeeeeeee)