Boots charging double prescription if buying two months of tablets at the same time.

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    I was in Boots today. I was renewing my prescription. I asked for two months supply instead of one month's supply. I was told that the cost would be double the one month's supply. When I enquired as to why, I was told that I would be charged their €7.50 non medical card holder prescription fee....twice. Considering their was only one action taking place (tablets sold in a pre-packaged box....not loose) I thought this unreasonable.

    When I got my receipt, there was no breakdown of the cost of the tablets plus the cost of the prescription fee.

    I think that this fee should be shown separately to the cost of the tablets on the receipt.
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    I get all 6 months of my prescription in one go from Bradleys, I am only charged one prescription fee.

    They very kindly offer to mind my prescription and text me every month with my next months supply but I always decline as then I would incur 6 prescription fees.

    The cost of my 6 months med including 1 prescription charge is less than €40.

    6 prescription charges alone in Boots would be €45.

    Think you need to change your chemist.
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    I was also asked by Boots would I like to leave my prescription with them, now I know why! Like you, why would I want to pay 6 x €7.50 to them if like you other chemists will only charge a one month fee and allow me to take a 6 months lot in one go.

    Fees need to be shown separately on receipts.
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    Were they hoping you'd take the Lloyds' weekly approach so they could charge even more fees?
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    I would not use a pharmacy that charges two presciption charges for 2 months, but leaving your prescription with them is irrelevant to this.

    I leave my prescription on file and its always there when I want to get my prescription. I can ask for as many months as I like and only get charged one fee.

    Also, I have never seen the fee listed on the receipt. Its a great idea, but I have never seen any pharmacy do it.
    Has anyone come across this ?