Boosting Three 4G signal in N.Ireland

Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by Carnmore, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Carnmore

    Carnmore Frequent Poster

    I'm looking to boost Three Ireland 4G signal across the border.

    Two bars of 4G can be achieved outside the house but not inside.

    I know boosters/repeaters were illegal in ROI but were they due to be legalised this year?

    Where can they bought from and how do I know which one to buy?

    Are the rules different in the UK?

    Thanks in advance
  2. RETIRED2017

    RETIRED2017 Frequent Poster

    look on ebay uk
  3. Carnmore

    Carnmore Frequent Poster

    They tend to be antennas rather than boosters/repeaters.

    Also don't know type to buy
  4. Zenith63

    Zenith63 Frequent Poster

    Are you trying to boost the signal to make calls or use it for Internet access? If the latter you can buy wireless routers with a SIM slot and connection to plug in an antenna, which are much cheaper than trying to repeat the network for your phone to use.
  5. Andrew Murphy

    Andrew Murphy Registered User

    As far as Internet access is concerned I've been using this antenna for the past three years to boost my mobile broadband signal - still stuck with poor mobile signal for calls though :(

    In my case the pigtails that came with the antenna I bought connected to the broadband dongle ok but I have since switched to Three and now have their Huawei B525S wireless router and have replaced the pigtail connectors with these connectors.
  6. Carnmore

    Carnmore Frequent Poster

    For internet access only - calls are fine. The SIM-only Three plan I'm on is for former ID Mobile customers (€5 per month for a 12 months) and want to avoid incurring extra monthly costs if possible.

    If I put my phone on the outside windowsill I can get 2 bars of 4G which is all I need but it's not exactly ideal.

    If using an antenna connected to a wireless router, how much would a data-only SIM cost per month?