book or course on learning basic accounts


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Can you recommend a good book or online course that lays out the duties of the typical small business accounts person from invoicing to bank reconciliations to filing and posting and journaling, ect ect. I'm looking for a good crash course. Thanks.


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I am brand new literally joined and Brendan forgive me if i breach the forum guidelines im not all good with the technical part of rules and understanding the lines to break so i will do my best to give some advice here as says cant sell yourself etc.

BAC sorry if im going off-topic here as above does seem to just specifically ask for recommendation of course or book (so feel free to delete) however in my short experience of accounts about 15 yrs personally no single book or course has helped, in fact for me they sometimes make it more complicated, i only absorb things by actually doing them that's how my brain works, reading something in a book only helps after i have physically done it. If you do get a book or course its very likely it contains tons of information that is irrelevant to the specific business your working at.

i dont know the size of your business (you say small, but small business can be less than 50 employees and less than €10m, which to me is big :) ) and whether your starting out or trying to understand what someone is doing accounts wise already for you, or your going to takeover from someone.

Either way best way to learn is hands on, you may pay €300-€1,000 for a course, my advice get an established local bookkeeper rates can be anywhere between €15 - €30ph who knows, i would say hiring them by hour for 2-3 days and then refresher every now and then would be money well spent providing your willing to listen and learn, once you have basics it doesn't get that much more complicated, depending on the complexity of business your in, and this would then be when Books and course would then be advantageous to you.

I am not sure if this helps but i have exp with Financial Control & Bookeeping/Payroll etc, but would be more than happy to talk you through expand more of these items in Depth if you gave me an idea of your business so i could tell you what your more likely to be dealing with? type of business/Expected turnover/VAT obligations/ Payroll, Employee Numbers, etc average number of Bank Transactions etc etc



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Evening classes often do basic courses in bookkeeping and these probably start in January. Unless its computerised bookkeeping I wouldn't bother with it - manual bookkeeping is the exception rather the rule.


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Local enterprise boards often do basic bookeeping and accounts courses - usually very reasonable