Bolton Park Rathfarnham

Discussion in 'Location, Location, Location' started by cheapandgood, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. cheapandgood

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    I am looking into Bolton Park. It seems like a good area. One concern I have is the traffic. There seems be be a lot of development around there at the moment.

    Also is public transport good for the city centre?
    Also is there good facilities in the area? Shops and gyms/swimming pools?
  2. Maxed123

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    In my opinion yes it's a good location. SuperValu in ballyroan is close by also another much bigger one at knocklyon.
    Not far from nutgrove which has a Tesco and dunnes and other shops. Also not far from rathfarnham Tesco. Lovely playground and walk near the castle in rathfarnham.
    Yes that road is busy as with most areas during rush hour.
    No swimming pool locally that I'm aware of. Gym in dundrum may be one closer too. Schools just around the corner. Also on a bus route into town. Can take a while during busy times but nothing unusual there
    So yes I think definitely a good location.
  3. Gordon Gekko

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    There's a pool in Energie Fitness (Nutgrove).