BOI mortgage dispute outside 6 years

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    My question is regarding the 6 year rule and the Ombudsman my case is currently with them regarding my mortgage and the tracker rate going back to August 2008(fixed for 5 years).Now I only submitted my case to them in July 2015 after reading a lot of treads about tracker rates. I am wondering where I will stand if they refuse to deal with it. BOI already refused meditation 6 weeks ago and I was advised my case was being sent forward for investigation. The reason I didn’t look into it any further in 2013 was I was dealing with MABS at the time who advised me that I was not entitled to the tracker rate. So just wondering what will happen then.


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    I don't know the answer to your question OP but I assume someone will be able to offer guidance / experience, and I hope to god there's a route to getting your case dealt with, so good luck with it.

    Wow though, that's quite an eye watering first sentence - 4 uses of "regarding" in one sentence, and not a punctuation mark in sight...
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    If your documentation says that you should have returned to a tracker after the fixed period was over in 2013, then I think your well within the 6 year limit.
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    Patrick Kissane mentioned on this forum is the go to man.
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    Can you post your respective interest rate default clause ( after fixed period ends ) that attaches to your loan agreement, to this site, so that others and myself can give you an opinion as to the likely outcome of your case ?
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