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    I had an issue with bmw estate about 3 years ago.

    Car losing power whilst driving and engine drive train failure light coming on.

    BMW garage claimed it was not covered under warranty claimed to have fixed it and charged a handsome €1100.

    Problem wasn't fixed. They tried something else, charged another €700.

    Still not fixed, so went to an independent specialist who meticulously checked everything and eventually found it was a crack in the exhaust gas cooler and his very reasonable fee was €800

    edit - BMW have agreed to refund all costs outlayed. Surprised that this was offered immediately and without quibble.
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    I think it’s the exhaust gas recycler. I had the same problem (losing power, drive train warning light) on a 2 yr old car. Fixed under warranty. When I went to the garage they knew exactly what it was before I finished describing it.

    There is now a recall on this. Apparently BMW’s in South Korea we’re going on fire. Govt banned bmw from selling more until they fixed it.
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    peemac - great news on that ...