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  1. Travel fan

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    I know...I know..!
    Crass, tacky but oh those rollercoasters!
    Any info, advice or recommendations?
  2. Elcato

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    Most hotels are crap. There your usual family run, family house converted. Omly 2 decent ones are the Hilton and the savoy which will work out at around €120 per room per night. Pubs and food aren't bad but eat asian or steakhouse, avoid usual chippys. The Roxy is the late bar/nightclub and is free in.
  3. Fizzy

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    Some of the B&Bs are supposed to be good. There's something to be said for geting into the spirit of the place...eating chips and mushy peas and candy floss (altho not at the same time I hasten to add!)
    Am told the lights are very nice during the illuminations Oct/Nov.
  4. anon

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    Nothing good about it at all - it is an absolute dog rom beginning of prom to end of prom. WHy not just go an hour or so north and head to the lake district
  5. Maceface

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    Dont go unless you are on a bender.
    If you are driving, make sure the place you are staying in has parking.
    Place I stayed (a B&B) was grand. Hard to find, but grand.
    The whole town just consists of either grannies or hen/stag nights.
    One of the pubs I went into had a video on of people getting sick. Same pub had some oul one getting completly naked.

    I will never ever ever go back.
    As for the rollercoasters. There was only 1 good one there - the Pepsi Big one. I think they have a new one. All the others are pretty ordinary.

    I highly advise not going!
  6. Travel fan

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    Oh dear! Too late to pull out now. Flights books, albeit extremely cheapo.
    Why didn't you tell me sooner..!!!
    Will just have to take Fizzy's advice and wear a Kiss Me Quick hat and get into the spirit of it all!
  7. Elcato

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    Blackpool airport has a raillink to Liverpool and Manchester and is about an hour in train away. This may be a better option.
  8. sallyanne

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    dear travel fan, i have been going to Blackpool for 25 years and it is brilliant espically for kids. the pleasure beach is great even for adults, there is some great shows on each night suitable for adults and children. there is a circus resident in Blackpool tower for over 100 years ,they have 2 shows a day. yes there are loads of stag and hens mostly at weekends but they don't bother anyone and sometimes are so funny to look at. as for accommodation it took us a lot of years to find what i consider the best in blackpool that is the dalwood guest house on reads avenue it is spotless and off season like now it is 18 pound per person per night and i think 25 in peak times, that includes bed and breakfast. i have the number if you need it. i go very often now because of the cheap flights. by the way the people are all so nice and polite. best of luck and if you need to know anything else let me know, about shows etc. Sallyanne
  9. Travel fan

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    Hi Sallyanne!
    Thanks for the sole positive response!
    Wouldn't be living up to my user name if I wasn't prepared to try a new spot. Have spent a year and a half talking my other half into heading for the rollercoasters. Finally reached agreement provided I cough up for the two day trip! Already sorted for accommodation...award-winning B&B, sea and prom view in October for the illuminations...but thanks for recommendation. You never know, I may get to try it out next time!