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    hi guys.
    I have become a believer of bitcoin after studying up on it. I intend to make monthly purchases.
    I bought a large chunk of bitcoin early September and have them stored in coinbase.
    Coinbase charge 1.49% to convert from euro to bitcoin. Any better rates out there?
    Also looking for any recommendations on safe, but convenient wallets.
    I downloaded the Xapo app the other day and I am applying for a Xapo credit card, it has a Visa symbol on it so you can effectively spend your bitcoin in any shop that accepts visa. Has anyone tried this? Would they make their money on commission or the on the exchange rate for each transaction?
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    I believe Cubits are cheaper than that, but please double check as I normally trade USD-BTC.

    I use a Nano-S ledger for cold storage.

    Never tried the BTC linked Visas but can't imagine they are cheap if the BTC ATMs are anything to go buy.
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    Thanks Baloonman
    I was just about to buy the Trezor cold storage wallet. I did consider the nano S ledger.

    I have some great news for anyone looking to buy crypto currencys.
    You can now buy them with zero commission !!!! I have done a lot of research online and on YouTube.
    Coinbase is the largest US exchange and probably one of the most trusted
    Hot tip for avoiding the 1.49% coinbase charge and still effectively using Coinbase.....
    Open Coinbase on your desktop PC and login.
    Open another tab in the browser and select WWW.GDAX.COM
    GDAX is owned by bitcoin it's like their sister company.
    Because this is run through Coinbase you will not have to sign up or even login you will automatically be logged in. If you click on the deposit button on the left you can transfer your Coinbase euros or bitcoin into the GDAX site. It is a tiny bit more complicated using this then Coinbase itself but it avoids the extortionate fees. 0% fees for a limit order and 0.25% for a market order. Just follow the simple explanation in the YouTube tutorial below and you can avail of the 0% fee all the time.
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    I use Kraken. A bit limited by the coins available but easy to use.
    Going to have a look at Coinbase and Gdax.
    I use a Ledger Nano S but I believe Trezor is equally good.
    Hardware wallet is much safer.
    I would not use an exchange wallet for long.
    Just learning now. Got some ETH and BTC to get a feel.