Better Value ARF?

Discussion in 'Pensions' started by donalfff, Dec 12, 2016.

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    I currently have a ARF fund of c €110k with Irish Life with the following charges:

    Funds Annual Management Charge
    China QLD Pension 1.50%
    Emerging Markets QLD Pension 1.50%
    Euro QLD Pension 1.00%

    There are no other charges and I draw down €6k per annum.

    I feel the annual charges are a bit high and whether there's better value out there?

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    Switch out of the China and Emerging Market funds. You are paying 50% more for these two funds. You have zero exposure to US markets despite over 50% of global market capitalisation in the US.

    There is cheaper contracts out there but you would have to pay the set up charge yourself. Part of the 1% AMC you are paying is used by the insurance company to recoup the commission that was paid to the advisor to set up the plan for you. If you pay the set up fee yourself, there's no commission that the life company has to recoup.

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