Health policy Better option than vhi PMI 3613


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I'm currently with vhi on PMI 3613 plan.
I'm 44 male with no health issues
The only thing I claim for is specialist contact lenses each year. PMI 3613 only allows a claim every 24 months.

I'd like to stay with vhi on similar bracket. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any better option

Thanks folks


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Hi whatsmoney,

The following VHI plans are worth considering;

1. VHI PMI 07 10; price 1240pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, private / hi-tech excesss capped at 150 x 1 per year for all
private admissions, day case excess 50 per procedure. Good day to day cover included, optical cover of 75% up to 120 every 2 years etc.

2. Company Plan Plus Level 1.2; price 1193pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered, private/hi-tech excess 150 per admission and
per day case procedure. Good day to day cover, optical cover 75% upto 100 every 2 years.

The following 2 Laya plans allow 50% of optical costs upto 500 and 1000 per year. That is (50% of 1000 =500 and 50% of 2000 = 1000 respectively).
There is no cap on the amount of each individual medical expense in a year. For example you can use the max of 500 allowable expenses for just
optical or just dental if it suits. You could contact Laya regarding the finer details of the specific expenses in your case. Details in the following link;

Regards, Snowyb