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Hi All

I have BOI credit card and I would like to move to a reward credit card so that I can some value out of it. I am looking at following options and would love to hear if anybody has any recommendations

1. UlsterBank Black Mastercard (
- no forex fees ( i do shop in pounds / US dollars ) so I will save on it.

2. avantcard reward+ card
1.25% cashback

I would be interested to get people's feedback before I pick a card. At the moment I am thinking advantcard looking best to me



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Don't bother with getting a "rewards" card in Ireland, Not really worth it in Ireland as the reward is almost zero and the risk of you running up your available credit in a credit card is high.
Avantcard is capped so you will not really make anything with this.

My recommendation is to use your debit card. Don't bother with a credit card. You don't really need a credit card once you have a debit card.
If you need to use a credit card then you probably can't afford to buy the item in the first place.
If you will be shopping in pounds/dollars buy currency using Revolut (during the week, avoid exchanging at the weekend with Revolut)
Revolut is cheaper than using an Irish banks Credit card / debit card for purchases in a foreign currency.


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The KBC CC is OK, 1% cashback on supermarket purchases and online transactions (including travel) capped at 10 Euro each month. Avantcard excludes travel-related transactions, potentially making it a less attractive choice.

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The Avantcard cashback is only for retail and entertainment but at 1.25% not too bad.

AIB do a Platinum card with 0.5% cashback after the first €5000 per year - I have one because I had 2 large business-related payments to make early in the year so I'm getting the cashback since.

Pro tip - set up a DD to pay off the balance every month and treat it like a current account (mentally) so you don't get into debt.


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I moved from BOI credit card to Avantcard earlier this year. So far I am finding it good. I get about €10 back each month and also received a €30 credit after the first month. Of course the most important thing is to remember to close your old credit card account. I would recommend Avantcard from my experience.


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The work involved in getting "rewards" is too much.
Some business cards offer reasonable rewards but mainly in what extras they provide such as travel insurance and AA membership.

Commissions paid by retailers have dropped substantially (credit cards are under 0.6% in many cases) so the margin is not there anymore