Health Insurance Best Policy for young adult 22 years


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I have my 22 year old daughter on Laya Simply Connect. It is 743 euro per annum. She has access to their Laya Health clinic -Walk-in Cherrywood, Dublin and has outpatients expenses upto 500 euro. Is their a better policy out there that might suit her?


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Hi suicra05,

There is just one alternative VHI plan, slightly cheaper @ 708pa worth considering. Details as follows;

VHI Company Plan Plus Level 1.3; price 708pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered. Private/hi-tech excess 150 per admission,
day case excess 50 per procedure. Good day to day cover included, 50% refund for gp, consultants, etc upto a max refund of 1000,
ie 50% of 2000 = 1000. Note; the Laya walk-in clinic would NOT be covered on this plan, but the VHI Swiftcare Clinics are covered.

Regards, Snowyb