VHI Best plan with community loading?

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    Hi there,

    Following excellent advice on here, I went with One Plan 250 for my other half who is getting hit with community loading :(

    Is it still the best plan to go with, I'm mindful of the excess. I know if it went to 500eur he'd never pay it for himself so that's why I went with 250.

    We are a family of 4
    I'm on company plan plus level 1 (partly subsidised by my company)
    2 kids aged 9 and 4 are on One Plan extra which seems to have increased a good bit this year
    and himself is on one plan 250

    Kids are generally healthy, child 4 is covered by free GP care so costs nothing really. And eldest is rarely sick (touch wood)

    Renewal is 01/02/2019

    Are we still on the best of the plans available? I'm inclined to stick with VHI just because it's one DD going out but if the savings are significant and cover is the same, I'd consider moving.

    Thanks :)
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    Just to give further clarification on this

    it's really the kids plans - are there are cheaper alternatives? one Plan extra was 50% off last year, but isn't this year
    and my husband's plan - is there cheaper (other than with 500eur excess) or should I go with what I've got?

    Sorry if i wasn't clear on what I was asking
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    The following child plans are worth considering at lower prices;
    1. VHI One + Plan; price 209pa; all public, private and 3 hi-tech hospitals covered; private/hi-tech excess 125 per admission and day case
    procedure. There is no excess to pay in any public hospital. All childrens hospitals are public hospitals but also the 3 hi-tech hospitals in Dublin
    offer a range of childrens surgery for over 3 years of age;

    2. VHI One Plan 150; price 185pa; all public, private and Beacon hospital covered; private hospital excess 150 x 2 max per year for all
    admissions and day case excess 150 per procedure. There is no excess to pay in any public hospital.

    3. VHI One Plan Starter; price 115pa; alll childrens hospitals are public, this plan covers all public hospitals.


    The Laya special offer for kids (pay for 1 and the rest go free) would not work out to your benefit, because at least one adult must
    pick a Laya plan. This will not be cost effective for you because of the LCR loading.
    It would only be cost effective if you choose VHI One + Plan. For option 2 or 3 it is cheaper to go with VHI.

    Childs Plan Essential Health 300; price 234 (total for all children).
    Adult plan; Essential Health 300; 895 + 180 LCR = 1075
    Total price; 1309 + 3% charge 39 = 1348

    VHI price based on cheapest childs price;
    Child One Plan Starter; 115 x 2 = 230
    Adult One Plan 250; 832 + 166 LCR = 998
    Total Price; 1228

    Total price if you choose VHI One Plan 150 = 1268
    Total price if you choose VHI One + Plan = 1416

    Regards, Snowyb
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    Thanks so much snowyb, I'll take a look now

    I really appreciate the replies you saved me a fortune last year - so thank you