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  1. suicra05

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    My wife is with 48 months at present but they are ceasing their roaming from June. Where is the best deal at present for free calls, texts and data for a sim only arranagement. Her phone is unlocked so she can move to any provider. Thanks
  2. lukas888

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    48 are not ceasing roaming from June, instead of having to buy an add-on it will be
    taken from your allowance.In fact it should work out cheaper than before.As it will cost
    either ten or twenty euros per month it is the
    best value of all.
  3. aristotle

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    Virgin Mobile have a good deal - unlimited irish calls, texts and data (data is actually 30GB which is loads and loads). €25 per month.
  4. lukas888

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    Both 48 and virgin piggyback on the 3 network which unfortunately has deteriorated recently .The coverage is very patchy countrywide and at times nonexistent.
  5. ant dee

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    ID mobile has a generous €15 plan.
    They too use the 3 network.
    If good cover is important you should look into vodafone and pay their premium
  6. shweeney

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    Meteor - €20 topup for unlimited calls and texts and 15GB data (various social media sites & YouTube are unlimited data too).
  7. dub_nerd

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    As already mentioned, 48 are not ceasing roaming, they are ceasing charging for it. Not only that, but they didn't have any data roaming at any price previously, now your monthly data allowance is usable while roaming too. This is all to comply with EU legislation that kicks in from June, so ironically they won't have to provide free roaming in the UK in a couple of years time.
  8. qwerty5

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    It's €5 a month for the first 5 months if you're an existing customer. Then it goes up to €25. So it's even better.
    It's a month to month contract too so after the 5 months you can go elsewhere if there's a much better deal.
  9. Frank

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    on meteor sim only
    25 a month for me and 30 for the missus as she kept going over the 400 mins.

    The roaming 1 GB is very handy in Europe, we were up north twice this year and heading to the uk for holidays soon.

    Tried the virgin deal bout 9 months ago data was ok but voice was pretty much unusable.
    they don't have any roaming offers fro voice or data.