Best Buys pinned Thread for online stockbrokers please?


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I feel as all this optimism on world economy is going to burst sooner or later. I think one creditor will start getting tough (e.g. italian economy going to need help etc?) and then domino effect might start.

I still feel the pinch of Northern Rock's case roughly 10 years ago that resulted on people queueing in UK and near Harcourt Street where the irish branch was (I was queueing there one afternoon).

I would be grateful if we could build together a list of online stock brokers (interest rates are too low since last crash to let money dying in an account) so that each one of us could spread the risk of relying on the same broker (we are all humans and any broker might misbehave nowadays) and rely on more brokers.

Could we please? I love the 'best buys' in the deposits-section as example.

Here is my list:


...and I feel in need for a 4th one (5th? 6th?) now that I reached a certain amount (evenly spread) on each of these 3...

Your advice is welcome please. In a few years from now this post might look wise to many readers... I don't have a crystal sphere but my 6th sense is telling me something is going a bit 'out of line' in terms of real vs financial economy...