Be careful about accepting Facebook friend requests from strangers!

Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by Brendan Burgess, May 2, 2016.

  1. Brendan Burgess

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    And if you do, don't take your clothes off for them, even if they take theirs off for you.

    Married Irish father 'feels stupid' after Facebook scammers post nude pictures online

    "I had a friend request from somebody I don't know on Facebook," he said.

    "I accepted it, and about five minutes later I received a message through Facebook messenger.

    "A girl then called me on a video message - basically she stripped off and asked me to show her my bits.

    "I stupidly done it and the next thing I know they were asking for $4,000 or they were going to send the pictures to everybody on my friends list."

    It's sort of hard to believe anyone could fall for this.
  2. Gordon Gekko

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    I'm surprised that you fell for this Brendan. Let's get a few of us together and go after these guys.
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  3. dub_nerd

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    Actually it's quite ingenious. Think about it -- the scammers have only a handful of basic human failings to exploit: greed and lechery prime among them. You have to be pretty inventive to keep coming up with new tricks (or apply new technology to old tricks).
  4. S.L.F

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    I warn people about this all the time on facebook.

    Usually I hang out with savvy people not so stupid as to fall for this sort of thing.