Bathoom renovation - B&Q, homebase quotes - realisitic?

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    Can you somebody look at this B&Q bathroom renovation quote and suggest me if its realistic or too expensive? I have read loads of negative comments about B&Q bathroom installations but the only thing I'm looking for is the after sales/installation services (withtin the guarantee period), B&Q says parts and labour are guaranteed for 5 years. In case of any leak or problem, B&Q will send a profeesional immediately to fix it. Is it real? Are there any other bathroom installation comapnies which do the job cheaper than B&Q, provide guarantee and respond to customer's problems immediately?

    Can you please recommend me a good bathroom installer within Dublin area who can give at least 2-3 years guarantee (and honor it)?

    Bathroom size : 1.6 x 1.8 meters
    Quotation from B&Q for Euro 4700.

    Work :
    - Remove the exisiting bath,basin,toilet and tiles around the bath
    - Replace with like-to-like bath,sink and toilet. No plumbing changes. (Supply and fit)
    - Tile the entire bathroom (walls and floor) (Supply and fit)
    - Fit bath screen (glass)
    - Fit Triton 90 electric shower (requires plumbing and wiring - Supply and fit

    Cost of material (Total : Euro 1400)
    - Bath, basin and toilet including taps and waste Euro 500 (I was told there's an offer on some ideal or sdeal (can't rememner the name) baths)
    - Tiles Euro 400
    - Electric shower : Euro 279.
    - bath screen : 94

    Cost of labour: Euro 3300

    I have an appointment with Homebase next week for deisigning my bathroom. Any ideas about Homebase?
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    To be honest, I think it's on the high side... I've a slightly larger bathroom that has been gutted & tiled floor & walls, new bathroom suite, new shower, new screen, mirror for just over 2K.

    I didn't get a "5 year guarantee" on the work, but I am assuming (hoping) I won't need it... also just got a shower replaced, so wiring & plumbing done already there.

    Not included in my price above is the time spent picking up everything... and there was a lot of time spent driving around trying to get the "right" things in different places.

    €3300 - Just seems to be a high labour cost... maybe they are building in the "guarantee" into that price...
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    B&Q is charging euro 750 for fitting the electric shower. Shower costs about Euro 250 so total cost Euro 1000.
  4. Jazz01

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    That seems a LOT for an electric shower installation... Just a normal electric pump shower?
  5. guessaname

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    Triton 90
  6. SarahMc

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    That seems very high to me. I sourced my own sanitary ware and shower, but these combined with fit came to about €2K.
    €750 to fit shower is a crazy price.
  7. Tired Paul

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    Overall that seems very expensive. We got our bathroom re-fitted just after Christmas, similar size to yours.
    Got rid of the old tiles myself - saved a days work for the tiler.
    Got the old bath re-enamalled for €120 - saved forking out for new bath
    Done my home work on the bathroom ware and bought in one store - had prices from other stores with me. HAVE TO HAGGLE!!!!!!!! - Saved over €250 compared to other bathroom showrooms in the same area.
    Did buy Chrome towel rail online and this was €95 cheaper that any shop I'd been too.
    I did know the tiler we used and agreed that he who co-ordinate the electrician & plumber. Paid a little bit extra for this but it was a hassle free operation.
    Job started on a Monday and completed by Friday afternoon.
    Whole cost from start to finish was €2750. Very pleased overall.
  8. bren1916

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    Got very similar done last year (except shower remained in place).
    Sourced our own bathroom suite in 'Heat Merchants'.
    Tiles in 'Right Price Tiles'
    Got a local plumber to cost removing old tiles/suite and install new over 2 days.

    Total Cost €1,450 incl labour.

    Agree €750 for simply fitting a shower is ridiculous!
  9. guessaname

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    Thanks for all the replies friends. I got the same quote (E4500) from hombase as well.

    Now I'm looking for you guys to recommend me a good/reliable bathroom supplier and installer in Dublin area who can handle all the jobs required for renovation. As its the only bathroom I have, I need somebody who can finish the in agrred time frame.

    Thanks a mil. for all your replies.
  10. Woodie

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    Interested to know Tired Paul where you got this done. I have a metal bath sturdy and fine for a big family (rugby types) which I'd rather keep above a plastic job.