Bank loan - non return of calls or records

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    Extended family member has term loan with bank. They closed her current and credit card accounts last year as she has number of previous and current complaints with FSO- indeed, all previous complaints were settled in her favour.

    Her loan account has balance outstanding in range 4000 euro. The bank wrote to her claiming that she now had a sole point of contact and should not have to contact any other section in bank. When she attempted to contact the person - he was unavailable, did not return calls - over 50 calls- she has dates/ times , other staff hung up when she tried other people , her emails and letters not responded to.

    The contact person did not have direct account to account and provided 'transaction history' reports with errors and question marks when she asked for account statement.

    The contact person did not provide all records when she made a data protection act request and denied that file notes / records of phone calls existed despite staff advising her of the times/ dates/ who she spoke with.

    She now decided to cancel the monthly instalment.

    Is she right ?
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    No, she owes the money, repaying a loan is easy, set up a direct debit for the required monthly repayment from her current bank to the old bank where the loan is and forget it until it is repaid, I see no need for person to person contact.
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    The bank hasn't been able to provide correct statements of account. They refused to return phone calls. When she phones repeatedly they say different instructions were given by her in previous phone calls. They apologise for errors on behalf of colleagues. They were unable / unwilling to provide data protection act section 4 records. What should she do.
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    Not right at all - if anything, it will make things worse for her. She should pay what she owes.

    Call in person to a bank? Write a letter to the bank requesting information? etc. Lots she can do by being proactive and not reactive.
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    Well if she has had previous successful complaints to the FSO why not go that road again. I have made over €2,000 in compensation from one of the banks for a series of errors they made on my account. Among other things, I got €50 euro for every wasted trip to the branch.

    And that from the banks internal complaints procedure, never went to FSO.

    That is about the banks failure to do their job properly, her job is to repay the loan.
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    Thanks. - she has kept good records of all her emails / phone calls/ letters to bank. They bank reply sporadically and send incorrect information always. They deny that records exist and then change facts. She thought the bank had an obligation to maintain records and loan details in a proper and professional manner. Maybe the rules have changed and they no longer operate to such standards.

    There is no problem with her being proactive - think the bank don't like that. Every time she phoned she was on phone for over 20 minutes and then bank agent claimed she would be phoned back - but no response. She repeats the cycle every day. Then the bank deny that she actually called. Funny business