Bank Holidays - Job seekers allowance query?

Discussion in 'Welfare and state benefits' started by witchymand, Nov 6, 2007.

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    My brother works a two day week (Tues & Wed), and has been receiving Job seekers allowance for the remainder four days, he has been receiving job seekers allowance for over a year. Every Bank holiday, the following week he does Not receive any payment from the dole as the dole told him that he would not be entitled to any money after a bank holiday. He normally receives €235 per week (JSA) but lo and behold this week after a Bank Holiday he received a cheque for €176, so now I was thinking should he have been receiving this all along, or have they made a mistake? Could anyone advise. If you want any further info just ask.
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    Perhaps read the sections entitled
    • Employee Holiday Entitlements for Paid and Public Holidays
    • Revised Qualification Condition for Public Holidays
    • Pay for Public Holidays for Employees
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    It is not that he is not entitled to JA for bank holidays per se. It is based on his entitlement to pay from the employer for the BH. A bank holiday is treated as a day of unemployment like any other day unless the person is paid by an employer for it.