Audi A4 122 or 150 BHP?

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    I am in the process of buying a 182 Audi A4 and am looking at 2 demo/ex service cars. One of the cars is 2 litre TDI 122 bhp 50th Edition Manual and the other is similar except it is 150 bhp. I prefer the colour and look of the 122 bhp car but am concerned it might lack a bit of spark. The 150 bhp car is €1,500 extra to but.

    Do you think there would be much difference between the two? Does it make much difference which I buy?

    What are my options re remapping either car to improve fuel efficiency and in the case of the 122bhp to give it a bit more spark?
    is it possible to get improved fuel efficiency and more power in the one re map?
    Is it as adviseable at all to remap? Might it invalidate warranty/Insurance.
  2. lledlledlled

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    Sorry I haven't a clue about the technical query but it might be worth checking how an insurance company would view both cars and any subsequent mods. They usually charge more for higher BHP.
    They always ask if the car has been modified too, so I presume that will also affect your premium.
  3. Palerider

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    Remap will invalidate your insurance if discovered during a claim process.

    Buy the higher bhp, you will appreciate the power, especially when overtaking, you will absolutely notice the difference with nearly 25% more juice on tap.
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    Vehicle modifications e.g. remaps invalidate your insurance if not declared on the proposal or renewal documents. They will also of course void all warranties.
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    Those two aims are rarely compatible!
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    Cars may be limited to 120 kph very soon, will it not make it almost pointless to have high hp in cars at that stage?
  7. lotus17

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    I bought the 150 bhp car in the end. There was a noticeable difference when test driving. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Purple

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    Really? That sounds very dangerous.
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