Attic Insulation?

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    Hi! I'm doing lots of work - see preious posts!

    There is no attic insulation in the property we rent out - built 25 years ago.

    Do I need to get one of these insulation companies out, or can my polish carpenter/handyman friend just lay Kingspan insulation in the attic for me - the rolled stuff.

    The house is 2 bedroomed and is 860sq feet - so I don't know who much insulation I will need for the attic. What would it roughly cost to get the attic insulated. Is there a grant for this also?
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    Unsure what the deal is currently with grants and contractors. I think they used to have a list of accredited contractors - you would have to check with them to find out if it's necessary to only use an approved contractor.
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    to start you should discuss with your landlord as this is not something you will be easily able to take with you if you stop renting and you are adding value to their property so they should really be paying for this.

    Depending on the depth of insulation you wish to install it is relativly simple to roll out the Moy / Knauf type insulations. If you dont want to install boarding to the floor it is straight forward. If you wish to board out the attic you may have to increase joists heights to allow for the insulation.

    For best results you would need to roll out 150-200mm between the joists and then the same again laid in the opposite direction
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    Attic Insulation

    Hi! KKelliher, thanks for info. I wasn't clear in my post - I don't rent the house - I am the landlord.

    I will try and source the attic insulation you recommended tomorrow.

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    Please edit your thread title to make it more meaningful.
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    I, female, did our bungalow attic. plenty info on net.

    BQ have great deals on insulation at different times and currently Athlone have 20% of everything in their closing down sale.....

    Didnt go down grant route as you need to combine it with some other insulation...
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    remember to leave the ventilation gaps at the eaves free. you want air to circulate in the attic space
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    Just reviving this thread to inform others who may be in the same situation.

    Ask your landlord.

    Landlord has a responsibility to provide a habitable place for the tennants.A decent landlord will be happy to do this and keep his or her tennants happy,especially if tennants are long term.The landlord can and will also recoup the cost from revenue when he or she sends in the bill for any legit works to the property.

    If the house is cold then ask the landlord to address the problem and he or she should have no problem in doing this for you.
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    Just re-read the thread more carefully and I see that the OP is the LANDLORD and not the tennant.

    Get a legit company to do the work,get an invoice from them and hand it in to revenue at the end of the year,then you can claim the money back.
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    I’ve been quoted 1,400 euro to insulate an attic on a detached house which I think is a bit steep. Anyone used electric ireland to insulate or a reliable contractor that they could recommend?