Attach blind bracket to PVC window frame?

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by Dinky, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Nothing on this in the key posts, so hopefully someone can advise.

    I'm looking at putting up roller blinds in my bathroom. The room is fully tiled, and the suppliers say that they want to attach the blinds to the PVC windows rather than the walls, because "tiles can crack".

    Is this normal, or can they just not be bothered taking care when installing them? Will attaching the blinds to the PVC window cause problems or damage?

    Thanks! :)
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    I just had the same issue last week. Blinds supplier wanted to put the bracket on to the pvc window frame. He said that it looks better and is stronger. As far as I can see there is really only one issue and that is if your window ope is masonary or boxed out in plasterboard. Just tap the area to see if it is solid. If it is boxed out there is a danger of the screws coming out if the blind gets a tug but the bracket in the tile is much neater looking. If you cover the tile in masking tape where the hole is being drilled it should prevent cracking.
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    I disagree I fitted all the blinds in my block built house and I fixed all brackets to the PVC frame. This gives a an excellent fixing and is much easier to locate and drill accurately than trying to bore tiles. The key is to drill a small pilot hole with a 2mm HSS bit and to slightly countersink the hole with a CS bit. This allows the bracket to be fixed perfectly flat. If you dont CS the hole slightly some of the plastic swarf (when driving in the screws) can push the bracket out of place. If you ever remove the blinds and brackets the small holes can be filled with acrylic caulk and will be practically invisible.
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    You should not attach blind bracket to pvc frame. If the frame does not have steel re-inforcing inside the frame, your screws will simply pull out and leave you with a nasty looking hole in your pvc frame. After all, it's just plastic!
    I do know what I am talking about - I own a company called All Weather Windows and install all types of windows. Your blind company will probably try to place the brackets near to the corners of the window. This is where the weld is situated and it is quite likely that the steel re-inforcing does not run all the way up to the corner.
    You would be much better advised to contact a proper professional blind manufacturer such as ACME Blinds in Cork who have a new system that I have seen recently that clips onto the window beads and does not involve the use of screws at all. Ask for Kieran O'Connor there - he should be able to help you.