Assessable Spouse Form


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Here's the actual form:
It has to get filled before the end of March and unsurprisingly, given yesterday's news, you cannot get through to Revenue on the phone at the moment, and the turnaround time on online enquiries is 4 weeks...

The first part's easy but I'm confused what to put for the bottom four sections.
Tax credits: assessable spouse/spouse and Standard rate band: assessable spouse/spouse

I'm going to be the assessable spouse - my husband is retired aged 67 receiving the state pension, so we have a tax exemption of 36,000 even though I'm not yet at retirement age? I am working part-time (well I was who knows what happens next week now...?) plus some self employment - I am finding it hard to work full time due to parent-care responsibilities at the moment. So my husband is getting €12k state pension, and I would normally expect to earn about €20k during the year from different sources.

Could anyone help with advice on what to put on the form please? I realise from other posts here it's just a cash flow thing, we end up paying the same amount of tax in the long term. But you have to fill this form in to elect for the joint taxation, which is actually the bit I'm trying to get done before March 31...

Many thanks!


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The form doesn't have an option for your situation. Just put a note with it explaining that you're due the exemption and they should organise it correctly.