FAQ Are you entitled to get your tracker back from ptsb?

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I have made a complaint to the Ombudsman about losing my tracker.
The Ombudsman deferred processing my complaint until the Supreme Court case was finished.
What do I need to do now?

Nothing for the moment. ptsb will write to you in the coming weeks.

If they agree that your case is the same as the others, then you will get your tracker back and a refund of the overpayment.

If they think your case is different, they will tell the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman will continue with your case.

It's possible that ptsb will consider your case to be a bit different and make you an offer to settle it.

If I get back the tracker, how much will I get?
Check out
Calculating the refund when a tracker is restored

I complained to the Ombudsman about losing my tracker with ptsb.
The Ombudsman dismissed my complaint.
Will I get my tracker back now?

If your case is the same as the others, you will probably get your tracker back. According to the ptsb helpline, they are reviewing all cases, including cases which the Ombudsman has rejected.

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I was never on a tracker with ptsb. Am I entitled to one now?
If your letter of offer or mortgage contract says you are entitled to a tracker, then you are probably entitled to one. Many people whose contract entitled them to a tracker, fixed immediately. They should have been offered trackers on expiry of the fixed term. So check your contract.

I switched from a tracker to a Standard Variable Rate when moving home. Can I get my tracker back now?
This case has no implications for you. You took out a new mortgage, so the fact that you had a tracker on your previous mortgage is irrelevant. Check the Letter of Offer on your new mortgage in case it says you were entitled to a tracker, but it's unlikely.

I had a tracker with ptsb and fixed for 2 years. I didn't break the fixed period, but when it expired, I was put onto a Standard Variable Rate?
Back in August 2010, ptsb acknowledged this error and proactively put 300 such customers back on trackers. You can read about it here:
ptsb puts 300 people back on trackers after fixed rate ends

I am not sure whether they actually put people back on trackers or whether they wrote to them offering them their tracker back.
If you were affected by this and did not get put back on a tracker, then make a complaint.

I lost my tracker with BoI/KBC/AIB/Ulster Bank. Will I get it back now?
This case relates to ptsb only and has no direct implications for you.

If the same conditions apply and you broke out of a fixed rate mortgage since February 2009 (i.e. 6 years ago), you should make a complaint.

So who might be affected by this case?
The following conditions should apply:

1) You were on a tracker with ptsb or your Loan Offer said you were entitled to a tracker.
2) You fixed the interest rate for a period e.g. 2 years
3) You applied to break out of the fixed rate early
4) ptsb put you on the Standard Variable Rate when you broke out early
5) You asked ptsb for advice generally or you asked them if there was any penalty for breaking out of the fixed rate early.

These conditions apply to me, but it happened over 6 years ago. Am I too late?
Under the law and the Ombudsman's scheme you must make your complaint within 6 years. The Ombudsman has no discretion on this. Even if you and ptsb agree that they can hear the case, the Ombudsman simply can't.

However, the Central Bank is taking "enforcement action" against ptsb, so it's quite possible that the Central Bank will instruct ptsb to ignore the time limit when reviewing these cases. If ptsb reviews your case and decides you are not entitled to your tracker, there is no avenue open to you to take it any further.

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These conditions apply to me, and it happened less than 6 years ago. What should I do?
You should make a complaint before the 6 year period expires. If the 6 years expires shortly, make the complaint immediately.

Otherwise, wait until you hear from ptsb.
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More specific cases

I lost my ptsb tracker, so I switched to another lender. Can I get it back now?

In a previous case, ptsb did take a customer back and gave them their tracker.
PTSB lost tracker; switched lender; returned to ptsb on tracker

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In 2005 started a tracker in late 2006 the rates were going very high got a call from local ptsb manager that he would advise to fix rate .had meeting with him and agreed to fix for 7 years .rates came down and I wanted to brake back to tracker not aloud.complaind to ombudsman .He rejected case on the grounds that the manager said he had no recollection of the meeting or other conversations.so wanting to know does any one have any advice? ????


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The way things are you sound like you are one who should be receiving a letter in the coming weeks also. You can write to ptsb but they will just tell you if you are a customer affected you will receive letter before May.


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I had tracker with ptsb when I took out mortgage in2007 they sent me letter in 2009 giving option of tracker or variable should they have doing that should I still be on tracker


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What did the letter say? And what prompted them to write to you?
Hi after my first fixed year in 2006 they offered me a tracker and they let me break my fixed in 2009 with out a charge. And the letter said that I would be offered an SVR rate in 2009.