Are Trustees of Pension Plans required to communicate with their members when contacted?

Discussion in 'Pensions' started by Kimmagegirl, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Kimmagegirl

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    I am a member of a defined pension fund. Mercer manage the pension. I am not having any luck with Mercer at the moment. I cannot get them to answer some simple basic questions.

    I contacted the trustees of my pension fund to see if they had someone in Mercer who actually is a designated person who deals with our company plan and who might be able to help me as I was being passed around Mercer like snuff at a wake.

    Now I have the new problem that the trustees won't even reply to my correspondence.

    Are trustees required to communicate with their members?
  2. blowin3

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    I am in the same boat Kimmagegirl. I have 30 years paid into a DB pension which is now deferred due to redundancy. I have failed to get any response from either the trustees or Mercer when asking about the performance of the above said pension. It seems unfair because its your money. Maybe a solicitors letter?
  3. gimp

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    The Pensions Ombudsman is always a good source ........Make an "official" complaint to Mercer and they then have i think have 8 weeks to respond, if not you can go to the PO. They should have complaint forms on their website