Aras na Cluaine - Clondalkin, Dublin 22

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I am going to buy an apartment in Aras na Cluaine - Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

I think that the prices are still low as compared to the other parts around Dublin and the rental market is good.

I would appreciate any comments on the area, the neighbourhood and any future developments in the area. Thanks
Low prices doesn't always mean good value or potential for capital apprication. They are low for a reason and that is to sell them.

Area is alright, I work around the corner in Riverview. I think there is plans for a train station nearby.
I agree that the prices are low for a reason. That’s why I am trying to find out more about the area. Thanks for your reply.
I wouldn't want to live there myself. I suspect many renters would feel the same.
Could you please elaborate little more like why wouldn’t you like to live there?
One more question: Does anybody know about anything about the timescales for the new planed train station?
Hi Joseph,
Its not too bad a spot. But the nangor rd is right beside you. Thats very busy. The caravan park is close by, but I often went for walks/jogs all around there and I've never seen or had hassle, even very late at night. The price would not be high as it is so far from the luas. That would be a 20min plus walk. The 51c isn't too far- a stop a few minutes away - it goes up on to monastery rd and out by the red cow. There is v little transport down the nangor road. You're not that far from clondalkin village there either. But as a rental property, I'd be unsure. Is it central enough?
hi joe
living in clondalkin all my life no problem.but the thing is if every body has the same idea and wants to rent then prices go down so you relax criteria for loggers so dose every body else apartments get a bad name ,two years down the road you want to sell,but so do all the other landlords.etc etc have seen this happen first welfare end up paying rents no body gives a s**T
place goes down hill management company get fed up fixing electric gates doing repairs after people have mad party's(lots of snow knocking about)
I guess what iam trying to say is buy a house if u can. you don't get this Carrie on with a house because they tend to be more settled even if their is kids hangin about .but thats another storie
I am getting the feeling that it might not be a wise investment (from the advices above). But I cannot afford to buy a house yet or an apartment at a central place. I live in London but have family back there in Dublin. So I spend a lot of time back home and wanted to buy an apartment that I can use as holiday home and rent it out when not in use.
I had the expectation that in few years time it may go up in price and I can get some return back if I sell it. Now I am not sure about it

Many thanks for your valuable input.
I have bought an appartment here and I have to say that it has been very quiet since we bought, there is no trouble so far - fingers crossed. I don't know if anyone has checked the prices since but I bought a 2 bed apt here for 250K in October and they are now starting off at 320K and going for as much as 530K !! I think the company made a huge mistake with the prices when they were first launched as they tried to up the prices after we put down our deposit and tell us that the apt was already sold ! These prices are just going to keep going up.
Re: Aras na Cluaine - Bohan Developers

I have recently bought a 2-bed apartment in this development. I have signed the contract and was invited to inspect the property last week.
I was quite disappointed with the quality of work. There were scratches on the kitchen worktop. The light switches were not fixed properly. There were two holes on the floor.
I have sent the developer the list of all outstanding tasks (in my view). However I am not sure where do I stand legally and if the developers are bound to finish off all the tasks I have identified.
Anybody else had similar experience? Any further views on Bohan developers?

Don't want to say I told you so but is that not the place where the 10 million drug haul was in October early November ???
I have a friend who lives there and unfortunatly since he moved in he has had his Bicycle stolen, an attempt made on his partners car and an attempt on his apartment, i don't know which block he is in, maybe he annoyed a neighbour or something....
I have a friend who lives there and unfortunatly since he moved in he has had his Bicycle stolen, an attempt made on his partners car and an attempt on his apartment, i don't know which block he is in, maybe he annoyed a neighbour or something....

Hi Ryan,
I live in the 2 bed in Aras Na Cluaine and never had anything stolen or any other problems here. I would agree with comments that the Builder wasn't friendly in getting things done and repaired, but overall it's not bad.
Yes it was a big drug cease operation here, but it doesn't mean anything, we don't have any dealing here, nobody ever lived in that apartment, this can happen to any development in Dublin.
The Aras Na Cluaine residents committee was organised and since then we have improvements and will try to keep it this way.
i would say the price totally reflect the area...where u pay samne price between a 2 bed terrace or a 3 bed semi detahced house for example..

taking into consideration its so close to Ronanstown and follow by can figure out the rest...

i am quite sure the place is safe...
I think that 2 beds in Aras Na Cluaine are still have a good value, they are starting from 295k and higher. Taking into account that it's located just 3mins walk to Park West and 10 mins drive to City West Business Campus, so the people who work there would have a great access and M50, Luas Red Cow is just 5mins away. So it has a very good strategic location, even if you don't want to live there, but to rent it out.
Aras na Cluaine is a fair bit away from Neilstown/Ronanstown.

Its just beside the Dutch Village area of Clondalkin, far away from Neilstown/Ronanstown. You must be thinking of a different estate.

Other estates in Clondalkin like St. Patricks or Cappaghmore are much nearer to Neilstown and they are very nice estates and priced accordingly.

I think the problem with Aras Na Cluainne is the number of apartments there, so nobody knows who is living where. When there are so many rented out, people just dont care and there is no sense of community at all. Its good for the residents that they are starting a residents association and that can only improve the area.
Hi, I am currently in the beginning processes of buying a 2bed apt in the Aras na Cluaine development in Clondalkin. I am looking for info on the area pro & cons to actually living there and potential for apt prices going up or down?
hi rde,

I know the area quite well, although I don't live there. So I'll try to give you an objective opinion.


- 20 mins walk to luas station.
- 51B, 51C buses pass nearby. They arrive about every 10-15mins in the morning. Generally about half full at that stage if you're heading towards city. If you get either bus there it'll take you approx 40 to 50 mins to get to central bank most mornings even when the traffic on the monastery road looks bad, it still takes the same length for some reason! Even the work on the red Cow round about does not seem to have affected it.
- Close to LIDL, Dunnes, Mill shopping centre.
- 5 mins walk to the village
- Not close to Neilstown / Ronanstown


- Property value increase? Who knows at the moment!
- You might get some grafitti on the walls nearby or a neighbours car might be broken into every few months (petty crime for Dublin), but you shouldn't have any problems with serious crime, serious vandalism or violence. (It can happen but the chances are low)
- The drug seizure must be off-putting, but imho it was exceptional for the area, and thats why they stored it there in the first place as it is not somewhere the gardai would have normally suspected.


Not bad area, but not great either - If you're the type who'd consider Neilstown to be '1/10' and Foxrock/Ballsbridge to be '10/10', then I reckon you would give it 4/10 (or possibly 5/10 on a good day) for location/safety/amenities. This is based on my assumption that you have preconceived ideas of what Neilstown,Foxrock and Ballsbridge are actually like, which most people seem to.

I've included my own opinion (which won't be popular) on locations so you can decide whether or not we would have similar views/opinions and whether or not you can rely on my opinions. I've included all the areas that I actually know very well or have lived/rented in, for comparison (This is based on crime/vandalism, upkeep of area, property values, amenities, safety, what its like to actually live in - not based on traffic congestion, proximity to city centre which affects property value but does not indicate the general feeling you get living in the area as a newbie/blow-in) - This is based on my own experiences having lived/stayed/worked in these areas for different durations (I've gotten around quite a bit!) - obviously someone who grew up in neilstown with all their friends and family living there might love it and give it 10/10 and that's up to them, but that doesn't mean its an objective opinion or useful to someone who doesn't have those kind of personal attachments and is considering buying there. Hopefully this will be useful to you.

Neilstown (in general): 2/10 to 3/10 depending on location
Killinarden, Tallaght: 2/10 to 3/10 depending on location
Drimnagh Road: 3/10
Springfield, Tallaght: 3/10
Aras na gCluain: 4/10
Riversdale: 4/10
Woodford: Between 4/10 and 5/10 depending on location
Kingswood, Tallaght: 5/10
Drumcondra (generally): 5/10
Belgard Heights, Tallaght: 5.5/10
Monastery Gate: 5.5/10
Castle, Monastery Heath, Clondalkin: 6.5/10 (Varies between 6 and 7 depending on location)
Monastery Drive/Park/Walk etc / Floraville / Laurel park, Clondalkin: 7/10
Beaumont Woods: 7/10
Terenure (in general) 8/10
Ballsbridge: 9/10

If you're budget can stretch to it, try to get an apartment (or a house)nearer the luas, eg. Mount Talbot, Shalimar. Don't be put off by the road works, they will be finished eventually. Or alternatively go the opposite side of the village to the apts at Newlands (longer traffic delays). Try not to move away from "Old Clondlakin Village".
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