Appreicate some advice on NIB tracker


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Hello all,
Would anyone know if i have a valid case for redress ?

I had a tracker mortgage on my family home with National Irish Bank (from when purchased in 2004).

In 2012 I needed to move house . There was about 100K outstanding on my tracker mortgage at that stage.

I requested more finance from NIB to achieve new house purchase and they offered me 175K, (but only on condition that I sell the existing property and pay off the tracker mortgage.

NIB told me that the new mortgage (175K) would be a standard variable loan. They told me that once I sold my existing home that I would lose my tracker mortgage.

I had requested that they give me enough finance in order for me to keep existing property as an investment property (thus holding onto the tracker mortgage) but they would not.

I am not sure whether NIB did anything wrong here but I thought someone would be able to advise me on this.

Many thanks.