appologies to shopkeepers my shopping budget cut

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by johnwilliams, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. johnwilliams

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    dear shopkeeper
    i know i told you early in the year that we would get together in your shop for Christmas and spend a little of my cash .
    to see that smile on your face when i handed over my cash to you has always made my day ,unfortunately due to my reduced funds owing to budget cuts and taxes i am going to have to cancel our date this year ,maybe we can reschedule for next year instead
    yours with a deep heartfelt regret
    john williams
  2. micmclo

    micmclo Frequent Poster

    Maybe you will meet this shopkeeper in January sales?
  3. z107

    z107 Guest

    Maybe the shop keeper will be having a closing down sale in January.
  4. roker

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    They have all been screwing us under the Celtic Tiger, now they want us to be loyal to them and spend at home.