Applying for loan when in already in arrears- Am i wasting my time

Discussion in 'Credit Union issues' started by Alison joy, May 15, 2016.

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    i'll retype it and put in more details later,thanks for replys so far
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    Any chance you'd stick in a few paragraphs Alison?

    W'd be able to read what you are asking then.
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    It's a bit confusing but are you asking if there is a possibility that the Credit Union will give you a large enough loan so that you can clear your credit card debt and other debts and pay to get the car fixed so it passes the NCT?
    How much do you want to borrow? and what are your shares at the moment?
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    (just my view below)

    There are a lot of things in your post , so a few queries for you, please.

    1. You state that with one large loan you can save ? That tells me your situation is well sortable.
    Let us know total owed to everyone , your net cash you have free per week/month and we can give you what your repayments will be on all loan or loans.
    In that way you will see can you manage a large loan , or indeed how much you can put to CC and Union.
    Importantly you will see how much free cash you have week on week. ( its too easy to think you either havn,t nuff or to think a large loan is easy)
    2. It is probable your credit rating is (harmed) in that most Credit Unions are on the ( ICB)Irish credit bureau. I presume CC is getting @ least interest every month.
    Your situation is Not the end of the world but needs to start being repaired now.

    It will come down to seeing have you nuff weekly funds over a few years to sort things.