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    I recently handed over management of my apartment to an agent in Dublin. He was recommended to me my the management company of the apartment complex. its been almost 3 months and he still hasn't been in to the property to do an inspection. He doesn't answer the phone or return messages. The contract I signed with him says I can terminate by giving one weeks written notice. The service has been so bad I am tempted to do this. Can anyone recommend another in Dublin city please?
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    Hi kelly123, any luck finding a good agent? I am also looking for one, let me know if you found a good replacement, thanks.
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    I used Herbert Properties in Dublin 8 and found them very good. No connection but the apartment was close by their office and I'm pretty sure I didn't sign any contract till they told me they has a tenant. Ditch yourman quickly unless you're apartment is a bit out and may not be rentable that quickly.
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    Kelly, drop him like a stone. You are client and deserve better attention. I wonder if there is a link between management company and the recommended agent? There might be no problem if there is, but they should tell you.

    I live in Cork and have no property in Dublin, but from memory there was some firm - McElhatton??? who used advertise on Newstalk. They also had some form of guaranteed rental income.