Other Apartment block insurance policy.


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would like to know what the block insurance covers.
What happens if we are away for say 6 months and there is water damage or similar from a leak that originated in our apartment or a leak from the roof? Or maybe a fire that started in another apartment and spread to ours.
A lot of damage can be done in a few days from a water leek. (In our case someone will come to the apartment every few weeks.)
What happens if the water damages the walls of our apartment, the floor, kitchen cabinetts or the heating system? all an integral part of the building part of our apartment (Our contents insurance only covers clothes curtains tv etc. I.e. only those things that can be easily removed)
What happens when the water goes down to the other apartments and causes damage? Who is responsible?
Are we the collective owners of the apartment block responsible for the excess I.e. make good on any excess or shortfall.


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You should ask your management company for details of the block insurance policy cover.


You own insurance would cover water damage to your and other apartments due to a water leak originating within your apartment, but in most cases, such policies have clauses that cover lapses after a certain time if no one is living there.