Anyone taken an ex to court over redress?

Brendan Burgess


Well done! That is a fantastic outcome.

I know a few people who managed to get their ex off the deeds and the sense of relief and achievement is huge.

Was it the amount of tracker redress which made this possible?



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HI Brenda sorry for taking so long to respond, been a whirlwind few weeks! I think they took everything into the equation from the fact he hadnt been heard of in 12 years by them and that I had kept up payments alone for so long plus the divorce paperwork said it was only a matter of waiting for the bank to approve removing his name etc. The fact they messed up badly and overcharged me a serious amount will have helped - not only because it lowers the amount I have to repay but also they did say in the only one on one meeting that pretty much they are willing to help p[eople out now as another form of compensation for putting so many in dire straits. It really was a culmination of everything in the end but I am glad its done. Final paperwork from the bank has been sent to my new solicitor for me to sign this week and hopefully wont be too much longer after that. It is nice to know that the house will be fully mine with no questions hanging over it ever again :)


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This is great news on many fronts. The OP with a happy outcome. The ex sorted and gone. The bank finally realising. Thank you so much Muddle so much for giving us the ending. Glad for you that your perseverance and commitment to keeping the house worked out. A very long battle it has to be said.