Anyone like to help develop this forum?

Discussion in 'Recommend advisors - solicitors, accountants etc.' started by Brendan Burgess, Jan 6, 2009.

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    If anyone would like to pick out some threads which should be moved and post the links in reply to this, I will move them.

    The threads should contain recommendations from Frequent Posters, but we will relax that a little at the start to get it going.

    This forum could be very useful. I have got some good contacts from Askaboutmoney in the past.

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  3. Brendan Burgess

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    Thanks again WateSprite

    We discourage recommendations for medical services, so I won't include that one.

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    Couple of questions

    Ok to post some requests which don't have much information, but people may add to in the future?
    Regarding products, is it going to cause a duplicate putting the info in this section? Example links in the KEY POSTS section in Homes & Gardens already contains quite extensive info on certain products and brands.

    Is it possible to break this out in to different categories?
    • Motoring
    • Financial Services
    • House & Garden
    • Health & Beauty
    • Holidays & Travel
    Here are a few more of the recommendation threads

    Tiler in Dublin
    Picture Framing - Dublin
    BiFolding Doors - Nationwide
    Electrician - Dublin 6
    Which SatNav
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    1) This forum is for Financial recommendations only. I will edit the title.

    2) We discuss other recommendations at

    3) The point about allowing the OP to reply to the thread is that they might say something like "Any recommend a tiler"? There is often a follow up question from someone else e.g. "where?"

    4) It's not for discussion of products e.g. which Sat Nav. It's for services.

    Thanks for those links, they are in the other forum now