Anyone know a nice coastal/lakeside town to relocate family to?

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  1. Pixied

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    If anyone can help- I'd appreciate it!! :)

    My husband, baby and I are looking to move from Dublin to a nice coastal or lakeside town in the next year and are looking for some recommendations. Somewhere friendly, generally safe with good schools and 'commutable' to areas of employment or a city.

    Does anyone have any decent recommendations?

    We had narrowed it down to Wicklow/Wexford/Galway/Clare/Sligo/Mayo orTipperary areas. But are open to suggestion. I know this may seems broad but we are just at the start of our research.

    We can move almost anywhere except northwards of Dublin,Limerick/Kilaloe or really south like Cork or Waterford. These areas aren't practical for work or family reasons etc..

    Maybe some of you have already made a similar move and could help/share your experience as it is a big step. We are basically looking to have a better lifestyle to bring up a family.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. selfbuildkk

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    Completely biased because i am from here but Dungarvan Co.Waterford is a great place, come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years as for commuting excellent roads in the area and the new waterford bypass is due for completion 2009.Very good schools and great value for money property wise
  3. Santry_Goon

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    Dungarvan is very nice, especially when the sun shines and you come in on the main raod from Waterford. Stunning. Pretty little towns down that way like Lismore and Kilmacthomas. However, don't expect a sea/lake view unless you are made of money. The other option would be a river valley house. I personally love the Barrow, hidden towns like Graiguenamanagh and Inistioge are truly pretty if a bit rough!
  4. mercman

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    pixied-- Have a look at Oughterard, Co.Galway or Cong, Co.Mayo
  5. sadie

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    I would say Sligo is good also, you are very near some lovely beaches there and it's quite a decent city. However, look at other factors like moving somewhere you know have some friends or family even if it's not stunningly beautiful. It's quite difficult to just park yourselves somewhere you know absolutely no-one. Also for the winter months bear in mind that the West coast can be very rainy.
  6. Santry_Goon

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    Yeah but they want to have careers don't they so West of the Shannon isn't the best move unless you work in a public library or something in Government
  7. mercman

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    Santry Goon - think you might be wrong there.. The result of a survey published last week, stated that the vast majority of persons residing in the East would hold a preference to move and live in the West. There is life in the West, albeit the quality of life is far better. And for careers there are a multitude of multi nationals and indigenous Irish Industries operating in the West that appear to be doing quite well.
  8. Simeon

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    Have you read what one of the top cops said about Sligo town last week? It would seem that it is heading into the Top 5 crime wise.
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    Thanks a mill for all the help :):)

    We really like Dungarvan but it may be a bit too south for our families. Sligo has been suggested but neither of us really know anything about it.

    Will have alook at cong- is it very quite though? We would like a place which is big enough for not everybody to know your business.

    Oughterard is nice also. Someone had also mentioned Ennis to me, and suggested we could locate nearer to the coast. Anybody any thought on this?

    Job isn't really an issue for now.

    Any further suggestions?

    Thanks again too..
  10. sadie

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    Cong is a small village, very nice but would be quiet in the winter. Westport, Co. Mayo is also a great place, but houses are relatively expensive there because it's such a beautiful place. There would also be a bohemian feel to it, with a lot of 'blow in's' living there.
  11. carolin

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    Yes, there has been some trouble recently with the CAB in Sligo but this is primarily down to one or two families and I am pretty sure this is not isolated in the country! It's a beautiful area of the country with lots to offer (and for one, the roads from Dublin have improved so much in recent years that you can easily get there in 2 1/2 hours - much better roads than out to Galway for example). An alternative might be Dromahaire in Co. Leitrim, which is only 12 miles outside Sligo town close to Lough Gill with its Lake Isle of Innisfree. Really stunning place. Lovely village with airy roads quite different from most typical Irish villages and all the amenities you need on location with Sligo town and Manorhamilton close by for anything else you need. Of course I am biased - we are planning to relocate here from Dublin in the near future, have just bought a house there :)
  12. VOR

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    Killaloe/Ballina on the Clare/Tipp border is an ideal lakeside location. Close to Limerick, Shannon & Ennis for work and within 2 hours of Dublin.
    Actually, anywhere along Lough Derg is lovely.
  13. simplyjoe

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    I dont know if Cong is that quite. Some stats.
    3 top class restaurants - Lisloughrey, Ashford and Cullens
    4 middle of the road restaurants - Danaghers, Ryans, Cohans and Lydons
    2 Cafes - Hungry Monk (Very Nice) and the Chinese.
    4 pubs
    2 Art Galleries
    2 Antique shops
    2 souvenir shops
    Good fun esp in summer and in winter when there are weddings in Ashford and Lisloughrey Lodge. Also great nature walks, hill climbing, fishing, cycling, history trails, kayaking, shooting, rock climbing, horse riding, falconry, archery, tennis, etc..
  14. Berlin

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    Sshhh! Its supposed to be a secret. We don't want them all down here! ;)
  15. Bronte

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    You may not like the weather in the West of Ireland if you've lived in Dublin, this from someone who loves the West but who will not live there because of the rain and wind.
  16. daveco23

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    Have lived in Charlesland, Greystones for the last 3 years and love it - Has everything. great for families and prices tumbling down recently so have a look around
  17. moondance

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    I'd go for Carrick-on-Shannon (can be County Roscommon or Leitrim depending on what side of river you are!) for the following reasons:

    - 2 hour drive (on good road) to Dublin
    - 1 hour 45 min drive to Galway
    - River Shannon running through it and lots of lakes around
    - Good facilities - leisure centre, 18 hole golf club, rowing club, rugby club, gaa, angling club, horse riding, badminton club, and more!
    - Decent shops - Tesco, Woodies, Boots, Supervalu, Lidl, 4Home, Heatons (and Dunnes coming soon)
    - 5 min drive to Lough Key Forest Park
    - Great buzz in summer with tourists and festivals
    - 30 minute drive to Sligo town and beaches (Strandhill, Rosses Point)
    - 1 hour drive to Athlone
    - 1 hour drive to Mullingar
    - Civil Service offices here (if that's relevant)
    - Good restaurants and pubs

    Edited to add - Section 23 Tax Relief on a lot of property
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  18. Dozylass

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    Pixied, Killaloe/Ballina is a great area, its so central to everywhere and loads of employment options, stones throw from Limerick, Nenagh, Shannon, Ennis and Not too bad for Galway either.
    The only downside is the bridge joining Killaloe and Ballina, it is often very busy!
  19. Pixied

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    Thanks guys!

    Lots to think about!! Some of the areas we hadn't even thought about.

    Dozylass- Killoloe/Ballina/Limerick is lovely but it is one of the areas which is out for us for a variety of reasons.(wont go into it here). Defo would be a nice choice for someone else though!!

    Daveco23- We had looked at north wicklow and it is nice, but very expensive.
    We are wondering :
    1. Is it worth the money? Bad value..?
    2. Will it really bring a more relaxed lifestyle..
    3. Will the new harbour at Greystones looks like it will really take the nice village feel from there..

    Any other suggestions welcome!!
    Thanks they are really helping.
  20. And76

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    Charlesland is a great spot however even more developments in the area ie liffey valley style chopping centre, more retail office space have just been given the go ahead. On the plus side the new swimming pool/community centre right beside charlesland will be finished also in the coming months so everything on your doorstep.

    The new marina will definitely remove the small village style but its only 50mins on the dart to the city centre if working there and you have the garden of Ireland at your doorstep. Lots of fab walks right beside you ie. cliff walk, bray to greystones, wicklow way hills on the other side. I've lived in Bray all my life and moving to Kilcoole soon and its definitely worth the money! House prices are dropping in all these areas.