Anyone having problems with BT billing for broadband?



I hate Eircom with a passion but I still have to admit I ve had problems with BT. Their customer service is very poor and lacking any concern for the customer.


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My latest experience of BT's "customer service" is as follows:

Last October I applied for BT's Broadband & Total Talk option and availed of the free online connection offer. My first bill in Jan had the amount credited to my account which was fine. My next bill was due in March but as of yet have not received it, despite phone calls. In the meantime an amount of money was charged to my credit card which was higher than expected. When I phoned to find out why I was told that the connection charge was being reapplied. I was told that the reason for this was that this offer expired on the 15/11/06 and that my first contact with BT was on the 17/11/06, despite the fact that I have a BT letter dated 20/10/06 thanking me for choosing BT!
When I insisted that I had applied in October I was told by the snotty individual I was talking to that "I don't appreciate bring told by you how to do my job". Eventually he contacted another dept to check and when he came back he said that while I had "some communication" with BT in October it did not concern him as it was with a different dept and that my application was still 17/11/06!!

I have sent an e-mail of complaint to "" and am awaiting a reply.