Anyone having issues with the new CORE website (formerly C.R.O.)


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Telling me operator token is not provided when I try to login?
Thanks as always


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had the same issue. Then it worked. Registered a business and took money off me 3 times thinking transaction didnt complete and business still not registered??

Brendan Burgess

What a dreadful website!

The search is very slow - ridiculously slow.

Then when I went to log in , there is nowhere to put my account number.

It's so bad I was wondering if I had clicked on a scam site by accident. But it seems not.

Eventually I found the company I wanted and to my horror, the last accounts filed were in 2015.

When I checked with the company, they told me that the CRO is no longer in date order.

I had to click through multiple pages to get to the most recent one.
Then I hit the back button to see if I had missed one and it brought me back to the search function.

To find the accounts I want, I have to again click through multiple pages.

Did they not get any users to test the site before changing it?

BTW. I googled "new CRO website" and found this great line from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries

Key Features of the New CORE Portal
The new CORE Portal is launching on 16th December 2020 and we are like kids on Christmas morning waiting for the new system!

They must have led deprived childhoods.