Anyone able to work out my paye??

Discussion in 'Tax' started by jarvis, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I know this is a little cheeky but I don't suppose someone a little more tax savvy than me would be kind enough to work out what my take home pay will be changing to?

    You see, I'm about to give back a company car and receive an allowance instead, so I will stop paying bik and fuel contribution, then receive my allowance plus 5% rise to help with diesel.
    I just need to know what my new take home will be so I know how much I have to spend!

    I can pm someone a pic of my payslip if they are willing to help me out?

    Cheekily your
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    DIY you lazy so and so...! :p (It is most unadvisable to send a copy of your payslip to some random stranger on tinternet, unless at a minimum you make sure all identifying features are removed...)

    Step 1: Put in the details from your current payslip to see that you can get the correct current figure.

    Step 2: Once you are happy with Step 1, put in the new figures, your current gross pay, less the current BIK / Notional pay, plus the new allowance (which is fully taxable) and whatever your pay increase is. Then it'll give you your new net pay.

    (Relatively) simples.

    PM me if you've any queries, but I don't really want to see your payslip!
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    { Clarification to above } I'm the creator of the spreadsheet- the car BIK is best entered using the 'Optional information' section. Same for the revised pay.
    To cancel the BIK, use the 'Cancel/edit' link on the Net pay calculations' sheet.
    The expense allowance will be treated as taxable pay.
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    Thanks deadlyduck :)