Any recommendations for TV and broadband

Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by Mary2217, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Looking to get connected to broadband, only recently installed along my road. Really confused about it all!! Was gonna stay with sky and just add on broadband, however called them and was told as new connection and I've no UAN can't connect me and go with Eir - actually told me to go with Eir and cancel after 12 months and return to sky. So rang Eir sales guy so efficient was in my house and signed me up within hour!!! Rang sky to cancel with them and they offered to connect me on broadband for less. So now very confused what to do paying 55 a month with Eir for phone and broadband - don't even want phone. There is 14 day cooling off period so could still cancel Eir!
    Anyways question is any recommendations for broadband connection and TV only who will connect me up. New build never had phone line and in rural area house roughly 300 meters from main road where fibre optic cables are!!!
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    Try for best offers out there at the moment.
    Then make sure the provider your looking at can provide the service to your area.