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    Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland to be given community service

    Earlier, the judge noted Mr Gilroy’s June 27th affidavit accused the judge of having a “superiority complex” due to being satisfied the court had jurisdiction over him and had referred to “threats” made to him. He had also alleged “an undeniable link between banking cartels and this semi-secretive society”, suggesting some “improper connection” which would put the court in a position of bias.

    Mr Gilroy’s affidavit was “nothing short of a direct attack on the court and the administration of justice” and was calculated to bring the administration of justice into disrepute and diminish the authority of the court.

    It was an aggravating factor Mr Gilroy set his views out in an affidavit and not “in the heat of the moment”.
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    He didn't do the Community Service because

    "he said his difficulty arose from the order made in October 2017, incorrectly identifying the title of AIB.

    He referred to an issue about a comma and said it was a very serious thing to ensure true title and he wanted the order to reflect the true title."

    He will have plenty of time to look for commas now.

    Anti-eviction activist jailed for three months

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    You'd have to ask if he deliberately has gotten himself jailed, just for the glory amongst his supporters. To get jail time so easily....