AIB Am I too late to submit an AIB tracker appeal?


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Hi Brendan, I'm a bit late to all this. Am I too late to submit an appeal form now do you think?
Hi Rose

I don't expect it to be like a legal statute of limitations where being even one day late can stop a court case. The purpose of the one year time limit was to stop people coming back after 5 years and submitting a claim.

ptsb allowed appeals well beyond the deadline and I expect that AIB will as well.

So download the form and send it off to BDO with a letter asking for it to be admitted.


Kevin Daly

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I didn’t think I get my appeal in on time but I did in the end, before I applied for an extension I received a letter today stating I have an extension until end of May but my appeal was in 2 days before the ending date I registered posted the appeal and have confirmation BDO received just hope my appeal won’t be left on the long finger ?


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Hi Brendan
I am just wondering if you could give me some advice. I am one of the aib mortgage holders who received a letter last March (March 16th 2018) with a cheque for €1615 as compensation surrounding the issue of not being offered a tracker rate mortgage on expiration of my fixed rate.
I understand the cut off was 12months from the date of the letter to appeal and I have missed this deadline. Do you think I still have time to apply to appeal? I had a new baby 4 months ago and moved to a new home 5 months ago - things have been hectic and I am only coming out of the fog now! If you think I still could appeal, does the fact that I have sold my home and closed my mortgage account related to the redress issue impact the appeal?

Thanks for all your help and advice on this forum - reading through and it's so helpful


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Go ahead and submit it you've nothing to loose if you do. You can call BDO on 1800 800 110 and ask them too, don't leave a voice mail they never returned mine just call back until you get someone.
Agree fully with the gun

And you have good reasons for the delay.

I don't think that they will enforce the deadline strictly



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Just an update. I rang AIB and they are sending out an appeals pack. I spoke to BDO also and I have to write a letter explaining my extenuating circumstances as to why I missed the March 16th deadline and they will review my request for an extension.


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Received a letter from BDO today granting my request for a late appeal arrived from AIB and has been sent in. Thanks Brendan- your instructions for completing the forms were brilliant!


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Hi Brendan,

I’m new to this forum and just read through all your posts regarding this matter.

Unfortunately, I have missed the deadline for appeal as I’ve had other distractions with a baby and two other kids and caring for my sick mum.

Do you think it’s too late to submit an appeal? Do you think if I downloaded an form from here and attach a letter requesting an extension they might accept it?
I’m ex AIB staff and not sure if that makes a difference to the appeals etc

Kind Regards
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Hi Hoby

You should write to the Chairman and explain your circumstances and ask for permission to submit an appeal.

They can but refuse.

Please do let us know the outcome.