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My wife and I have been on this plan for several years. It’s a company plan and it seems both expensive and extensive. Both in our 50’s and in excellent health touch wood. Are there any alternatives we should consider? Annual renewal May 1st.



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Hi Fidgety,

The following plans have the same hospital cover at a cheaper price, worth considering. This level of cover in your fifties is probably being over insured,
especially with no pre-existing medical conditions.

All 3 alternative plans fully cover all public and private hospitals upto and including private single room cover as standard.
They also fully cover a semi-private room in the Mater Private with a small shortfall for a single private room(this is usually waived, not passed onto the patient, if a private room is available).
They also fully cover a private room in Blackrock Clinic because there are no shared wards in this hospital.
Beacon hospital fully covered for a private room.
Excellent day to day cover on all plans, with a 1 euro excess.

Note; VHI Company Plan Executive Excess just means that if you take on a small excess of 125, only payable on admission to, or day case in a
hi-tech hospital - such as Beacon, Blackrock Clinic and Mater Private. It is NOT a nightly charge, it is only if admitted for a stay or as a day case
procedure. It lowers the cost of the plan by 300 per person per year, without losing cover.

Note; Laya Company Care No Excess shortfall of 100 per night in Blackrock Clinic is not passed onto the patient, so full cover in this hospital.

The following list of lower priced plans fully cover a private room in all private hospitals, plus public hospital and the 3 hi-tech hospitals.
Beacon hospital and Blackrock Clinic are fully covered while Mater Private is covered for cardiac, special procedures, and a range of other surgeries.

VHI Options

Irish Life Options

Laya Options

While the expensive plans tick all the boxes, if you are over-insured you are paying top dollar for a plan that you don't use very much if at all.
Finally, as your renewal date is May 1st, there is no guarantee that the above prices will stay the same. Any price changes will be published
on the Health Insurance Authority website, latest news section from April 1 onwards.

Regards, Snowyb


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Snowby, a million thanks for taking the time to explore options and point me in the right direction. I was ‘placed’ on this plan and believed it was unnecessary. And I found it so complicated to understand the alternatives. I will read through the links you sent me and select a more suitable and cost effective option. Again, my sincere thanks.