Health Insurance Alternative to Irish Life Benefit


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We are 2 adults - both 54 - living in south east so Waterford/Cork are nearest hospitals. We’ve been on Irish life Benefit for a few years, plus two full-time student ‘kids’ on Benefit 300.
Quote has come in for nearly €600 p.a. more for the four of us.
I would appreciate suggestions of alternative plans to look at. Many thanks.
That premium sure is expensive but with the average price being €1,500 for non-student adults it would be dear enough in any case. You will probably get something better if you can get a cheap rate for the students.

These previous AAM threads might offer some help and this one in particular with regard to Laya and the Bons in Cork.

There is a discussion in this thread about the move to private rooms in Bons and possible shortfall in cover. VHI also mentioned it to me in passing so it is obviously something that crops up quite a lot.