Alternative to curtains for french doors

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by Newbie!, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Newbie!

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    Hi, we used to have curtains on the french doors in our kitchen but they were always a tight fit as the kitchen units are a snug fit on one side. What else would be an alternative to curtains. Letting in the light during the day would be important but we would like to cover the door at night also. We've had venetian blinds but they were a pain. Are roman blinds practical for closing every night??
  2. dubgem

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    I have the same set-up with kitchen units right up against the sliding doors on one side, making it difficult to have curtains at both sides. Instead I have a single curtain that I pull back to the non-cabinet side and hold back with a tie-back. Because there's quite a lot of curtain volume (the equivalent of two curtains) you get a very nice swagged-back look. My curtains are plain white and the tie-back is a black tassled affair, so it's not too ornate.
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    We have the same thing, a curtain rail that allows both sides of the curtains to be pulled to the side with no cabinets. In our case I went for very lightweight curtains though as I didn't want too much bulk.