All quiet on the PTSB front?

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    Excuse the Remarque!

    There have been a few posts lately re PTSB from myself and others which have been met by silence.

    Has anyone any update/comments on what's going on? The sort of info that I'd like to know is:

    1. What precisely was the outcome to the tracker review and are details available? What did the Central Bank agree to?
    2. What are people doing now, e.g. are people bringing their cases to the FS&PO and on what grounds? or are people accepting and moving on?
    3. Have some people received settlements from PTSB?
    4. Have people received recent independent advice since the tracker review? What are the likes of Mr. Kissane and others saying at this juncture?
    5. Any other relevant info.

    I'd appreciate any insights as I need to figure out whether it is worth my time pursuing or not. The money involved in my case is not insignificant but it's more about the principle for me.
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