Alive - Catholic Newspaper produced by Dominicans

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Purple, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Purple

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    I read a copy of this "Newspaper" today.
    It takes quite a bit to shock me but I was blown away by the hatred, intolerance, bigotry and downright nastiness that go through the whole publication. It makes the right-wing preachers on cable TV in America look like moderates.

    The front page has a headline which reads “Atheists are no-hopers, losers”. Inside there is a childish ad-hominem attack against all atheists.
    The whole thing is like a bunch of extremist Catholics time travelled from the 1930’s and found themselves in modern Ireland.
  2. RonanC

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    Ya should see what happens when you throw it on the fire... wooosh :)
  3. horusd

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    Sounds like the Domincans are Catholic doctrinal ninja's:)....greatest form of defence is attack for an embattled Church? Never read Alive , my mum used to get the 'Messenger', always flicked thro it as a kid and actually found it quite a nice thing to read.
  4. Purple

    Purple Frequent Poster

    I remember the Messenger. Alive is nothing like it.
  5. T McGibney

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    It is an insult to compare the Messenger, the Irish Catholic or similar publications to the vile tosh that is produced in 'Alive'. I think we will see a sharp rise in Catholic extremism in this country in the coming years, as a reaction to the marginalisation of the mainstream Church.
  6. oldnick

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    I've read Alive a few times -only because someone keeps delivering it . (though I've just now googled it
    I always assumed that it was standard Roman Catholic fare and that it was expressing the views of RC clergy and practising R.Cs.

    As an atheist I confess (?!) some surprise from previous posts that not all R.Cs think that way, and indeed object to the views contained in Alive.
    This puts me in a quandry ... I need publications like Alive to keep my anti-RC views, er,alive. Reasonable moderate Catholics at this late stage of my life confuse me.
  7. Purple

    Purple Frequent Poster

    Yes, "I hate you because you're a bigot" is always a good way to avoid confronting our bigoted views :D
  8. Mpsox

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    I picked it up at mass on Sunday (it's free) out of curiosity. Every organisation has it's extremists and I've no doubt there are people out there who buy into it, but it's not representative of most practising Catholics, or at least any I know as evidenced by the volume of copies still in the church after mass.

    However, it is very good at soaking up baby puke after they decide that spuds and carrots don't agree with them at dinner time !!
  9. DrMoriarty

    DrMoriarty Moderator

    I can't say I've ever read the paper, but I know that many young Irish priests have become sadly disillusioned with the official church.
  10. Birroc

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    Any peas in there? Sounds like you need an exorcism done...
  11. The_Banker

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